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Providing Custom Interior & Exterior Potted Plants throughout 
Northern Indiana since 1988. 
Voted "Best Outdoor Planters" in Downtown Fort Wayne by the 
Downtown Improvement District 2012!

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Welcome to Gram Botanicals!  Please feel free to contact us for more information on our services or to receive a quote.
Live plants in the workplace, at home and in surrounding our lives offer a wide variety of benefits including:
  • Create a relaxing enviornment 
  • Generate fresh oxygen
  • Naturally cleanse the air of impurities
  • Add humidity to room air during dry conditions
  • Effectively reduce noise
  • Add color, texture and overall pleasing aesthetics to any room

From banks to nursing homes, Gram Botanicals has the plants you need to make your home or business a relaxing and calm environment through the installation of live plants. Plus, we take care of all the maintenance!  

Gram Botanicals ®